Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Steps You Can Take Towards Clear Skin

Acne is a problem which affects many people, not just through their teenage years but throughout their whole lives. Around 60 - 70% of people experience acne at some point, and many are often dismayed to find that the condition continues into adulthood.

There are however steps you can take towards helping acne, clearing your skin, and feeling more confident. As we move into the summer months, no one wants to have to slather on thick layers of makeup every day, so follow these tips to get clear healthy gorgeous looking skin.

Drink lots of water

We are recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day; there are a number of important health reasons to do this, but one of them is to ensure clearer skin. People often say you have more of a healthy glow after drinking water. It won't happen quickly, but within a week of drinking a healthy amount of water you will see the effects on your skin.

Take off makeup

It is an age old rule but one too often forgotten, it's essential to take off makeup to avoid blocked clogged up pores and dull skin. For a healthy glow find a makeup remover and face wash which suits your skin type and stick to it.


For baby soft skin moisturise every morning, and use a night cream before you go to sleep. Often people with oily acne prone skin are reluctant to use moisturiser in case it makes their spots worse, but in fact skin which is dehydrated will break out, so use an alcohol free cleanser to sooth your skin and take off any makeup or dirt.

Eat well

Skin is getting rid of oil and toxins when it breaks out, so prevent this by only putting healthy nutritious food into your body. Fruit, salad and vegetables will give you a glowing complexion and the best possible chance of avoiding breakouts. If you know you don't eat well supplement your diet with vitamins and supplements which are designed for healthy skin.

Let skin breathe

For those who suffer from acne, it is tempting to wear lots of makeup and foundation every day, but this won't help the problem, and will create a vicious circle of making skin worse, which you then feel the need to cover up with makeup. If at all possible try to go without makeup as often as possible, especially when you're at home and won't feel paranoid about people seeing your skin. The more you get used to going bare faced, the more confident you will feel doing so, and your face gets a chance to breathe.

Acne Treatments

An acne treatment is a good idea if you have tried all of the above and still suffer from acne. There are also treatments for acne scarring which can help to reveal clear fresh layers of skin underneath the damaged surface layer. This often comes in the form of skin peels. To treat the underlying acne, home care products, including glycolic acid, can tackle excess oil production. This is combined with a course of microdermabrasion treatments, exfoliates the skin and unclogs pores using micro-crystals. Your best option is to speak to a skin care specialist who will discuss your options with you and find a course of treatment to suit both your skin and your budget.

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