Sunday, September 25, 2011


The Top 4 Ways to Attach Human Hair Extensions

Many women have seen the benefits of using human hair with their friends and family, however some may be confused on how extensions are actually used and attached. Here are the top 4 ways to attach real hair extensions.


Bonding is one of the most inexpensive ways to attach hair extensions. Your hairdresser will use a small device that uses pressure and a bonding agent to bond each individual strand of the extension to your natural hair. This is a semi-permanent method for attaching human. To remove them a hairdresser will use a special oil and heat to remove the bond from each strand.


The weaving method for attaching hair extensions is probably one of the most time consuming methods of attaching human hair and can often be the most costly. There are no special oils, glues or materials needed for using the weaving method. Your hairdresser will weave the individual strands of the extensions into your existing hair. This method is known for being one of the most natural looking ways to attach extensions, but also wears out quicker than other methods.


Clip-in Extensions have become very popular in recent years because they are the most versatile ways to attach human hair extensions. It is also one of the only ways to attach your own hair extensions without going to a stylist. The extension will come with a very small clip at the end of a number of strands and will fit comfortably into your existing hairline. The best part about clip-in extensions is that you can put them in and take them out yourself every day. This allows you to have a different hairstyle every day and also prevents the extension from wearing out as quickly since most users will not have the extension in while sleeping.


Pre-bonded extensions are one of the easier methods for attaching extensions. Although it is recommended that a professional stylist attach all semi-permanent hair extensions, Pre-bonded extensions can be easily attached and removed with a little bit of practice. The extensions will come with a bonding material already attached to the extension itself. You simply attach the extension to the strands of hair and use either pressure or heat to bond it to your hairline.

* Make sure to test your extension for potential heat damage. Even though human hair extensions are made from real hair, your extension may not react the same way to direct heat as your natural hair. Use your hair straightener on a small piece of the extension to make sure it does not damage it. This is also a very easy way to test an extension to make sure it truly is 100% real human hair as hair straighteners and curlers typically damage synthetic extensions.

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