Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Drug Use Statistics

Drug use has increased every year for the past ten years. Also increasing are the number of individuals addicted to prescription medications, as well as the number of teenage and pre-teen drug abusers. But what truly are some of the statistics relating to drug use and/or abuse in the United States?

In two thousand and one United States citizens agreed to take part in a survey relating to drug abuse in the U.S. The findings were unbelievable in that over five million people in the United States were recorded to have a drug abuse problem, but were afraid or unwilling to attend a rehab program. Over one hundred thousand of these particular individuals stated that they tried to take part in a rehab program but were unable to.

Some doctors and researchers claim that there is a certain amount of denial or avoidance that takes place when drug users come to terms with needing rehabilitation. Director of the National Drug Control Policy, John Walter stated, "We have a large and growing denial gap when it comes to drug abuse and dependency in this country".

After a household survey was taken, it was shown that young adults ages eighteen to twenty-four had the most amount of increase in drug use over just one year. Also increasing their own abuse bracket is the age range of twelve to seventeen. These young adults and teens have increased their drug and alcohol abuse levels by ten percent in only the past two years.

With respects to particular drug use, here are some of the current facts that came from the home surveys conducted as well as other research:

* The number of individuals who chose to experiment with Ecstasy (MDMA) increased over two percent within one year. In two thousand and one there were over seven hundred and fifty thousand users of Ecstasy in the United States alone.

* Marijuana use has increased by over one million in the past three years. This in part due to the Americans that stated they first began using and/or abusing marijuana in 2000, and state that they don't choose to cease in the future.

* In two thousand and one, it was reported that over twenty five million persons drive or had driven under the influence of alcohol. Over ten million alcohol abusers in two thousand and one were between the ages of twelve and nineteen.

* In only 2000 it was reported that close to one million United States citizens used and abuse Oxycontin without a valid or necessary medical prescription. Currently it is estimated that over two million Americans now abuse Oxycontin in the United States alone.

It is safe to say that drug abuse has increased over only the past ten years. If you or someone you know is suffering from drug abuse, contact a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

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