Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Getting the Most Out of Plastic Surgery

Your plastic surgery experience should be a wonderful, life changing adventure. Yes, you will be undergoing surgical procedures, however, there is much more to the experience than the surgery itself.

There are many different aspects to making the decision to have a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure performed, and it is extremely important that you do your part when deciding which procedure, as well as with surgeon, will be best suited to your needs and what you are looking to have done.

Many prospective patients start this process by doing some research. Whether you peruse the internet for different surgeons, see a billboard, hear a commercial on the radio or view an ad on television, it is best to find out as much information as possible before narrowing your search. Patient referrals is sometimes one of the best sources, however, websites can prove to be just as informative.

Many websites showcase extensive before and after photo galleries as well as patient testimonials, surgeon biographies and credentials, as well as valuable information on the procedures offered. Once you have narrowed your search, the next step is to schedule a consultation, where you can meet with the surgeon and have an in depth discuss as to what you are looking for you what he can do for you.

Your consultation is key to the information gathering process. Not only does this give you a chance to meet with the doctor directly, but it is your time to ask whatever questions you may have and address your concerns. Many patients make a checklist of things that they would like to discuss with the physician, and he or she will also be sure to go over other information as well.

Some things he should discuss with you are your medical history; this includes any previous surgeries you may have, any medications you may be on as well as any allergies you may have to any medications and other issues in your background. He or she will also go over the procedure itself as well as the expected recovery time. There are certain restrictions following the procedure, that we will go over with you, as well as certain pre surgery guidelines that we want you to follow so that you will have the best possible result.

You will also go over plastic surgery expectations, goals, as well as possible risks of the surgery. From there, a consultant, or patient coordinator, will meet with you to go over the finite details, such as fees and scheduling. If you are looking to finance a procedure or if you are wondering if something will be covered by insurance, the consultant will also be able to help you with these issues.

It is important to set aside some time, not only for your procedure day, but for an additional week or so where you can take some time from work and relax. The physician will see you for a follow up visit a few days after surgery, and then tailor a follow up program to each individual patient so that he may monitor your progress and healing. These appointments are very important and should not be missed. If you find that you have to reschedule a follow up appointment at any time, then be sure to call the office ahead of time. Many patients come from all over the world to have their surgeries performed in some of the more respected plastic surgery locations.

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