Friday, September 23, 2011


Anti Aging Skin Care and Cellular Water: A Basic Guide

When it's time to start considering an anti aging skin treatment product, then it's also time to start understanding what it is that makes skin begin to show the signs of aging. It doesn't matter what skin care products you use, if you select them without understanding what they're supposed to do to help you look younger, then you'll certainly end up only finding the right product by blind luck! However, there's a great deal of skin care advice out there in the world that explains what you should and shouldn't be looking for in an anti aging cream or product. The most important piece of advice that we can give you is to understand the concept of cellular water.

When you are young, your skin cells (and all of your cells for that matter) are stronger. After all, everything about us is stronger when we are younger. When your cells are strong (and young) they can hold water and nutrients in. This causes your skin to look healthy and, more importantly for anti aging considerations, firm.

However, like everything else on our bodies, your cells begin to weaken as you age. When that happens, their ability to retain water (and nutrients) lessens. When that happens, your skin begins to show the signs of aging. As water is no longer held in, you skin loses firmness and begins to drop - this can be visible on your face, neck or even in the appearance of cellulite as skin becomes looser around fatty areas. Also, obviously, your skin begins to become more dry. When that happens, fine lines and wrinkles become more evident.

How can you combat the inevitable aging of your cells? By using the right anti aging skin products and by ensuring that you supplement additional hydration and nutrition to replace what your body and your cells can't as easily retain any longer.

What will you ultimately want to look for in an anti aging skin treatment or cream? You'll want to look for something that helps to hydrate skin deeply to replace the water that your body is no longer retaining on a cellular level. You'll also want to find something that hydrates using the most natural ingredients possible, because your body will respond to natural ingredients more, well, naturally. Finally, look for anti aging products that have been clinically tested and where you can research the results. The anti aging skin care industry is a multi-million dollar industry, but those who truly care and who can provide quality products will have been reviewed by dermatologists and estheticians alike, and will have clinical results online for you to see!

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