Friday, September 23, 2011


5 Tips You Should Know To Avoid Skin Diseases

The increase in the occurrence of skin diseases has caused concern in recent times. There has been a surge in the number of skin cancer and other skin disease cases that are resistant to treatments. All this has led to the development of preventive methods against all types of skin problems. Medical professionals agree on many methods that can be used for minimizing the risk of developing any skin conditions or diseases that can lead to surgery and associated operating room protocols. Here are five tips to help you prevent skin complications in the future.

1. Regularly Wash Your Hands

This is one of the most recommended actions to prevent catching or spreading of any type of skin disease. You are constantly coming in contact with different skin disease causing agents that can make you ill. You never know that the things you touch could be harboring bacterium or viruses. You must be careful about touching the surfaces as they may be contaminated with germs that may get transferred to your hands. Washing your hands regularly ensures that all the bacteria get washed away thus minimizing your chances of getting infected.

2. Avoid Sharing Towels or Other Clothes

Skin diseases commonly get transferred through towels and clothes. Avoid sharing your gym towel with a friend. You would not be doing any favor to your friends by sharing it. On the other hand you would be sharing dangerous bacteria with them. The towel can act as a medium for transferring germs from you to your friends and from your friends to you.

3. Wear Clean Clothes

Avoid wearing damp clothes or clothes that contain your perspiration. Clothes with perspiration harbor germs that are waiting on to move to a host. Do not wear clothes for a long time without washing them. The dead skin accumulating on the clothes will act as the breeding ground for fungus and germs. When combined with perspiration, the damp environment helps the fungus to thrive. The more the duration, for which you wear damp clothes, the more time the bacteria will get to enter your body through the pores.

4. Immediately Treat your Wounds

The skin has a wide range of harmful viruses and bacteria. They are harmless unless they are able to find an entry into the body. However, a wound or a cut is just enough for these microscopic entities to enter your body. If you allow them to enter your body, they are going to cause a lot of problems. The moment you get a cut, it should be washed using water and soap and sealed using any antibiotic ointment.

5. Take Showers

Do not wash off the soap right after applying it on your body. Make sure that sufficient time is given to the soap to stay on your body and kill the germs. You should wait for at least 30 seconds before you go under the shower to rinse off the soap.

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