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Best Acne Skin Products

his article will tell you what the best acne skin products are. Before that it is useful to understand what acne actually is. All humans have small holes in the skin known as pores and these pores connect to oil glands which sit under the skin. The pores are connected to these oil glands by follicles. These oil glands create a substance which is called sebum. Follicles are like hollow tubes where a thin hair grows and the sebum oil pushes any dead skin cells out through these tubes to the surface of the skin. This is the normal way of working for the human body.

Acne is a disease that affects these oil glands in a number of different ways. If a follicle gets blocked up, a pimple then forms on the skin. This can happen on various parts of the body, but is most frequent on the face, neck, chest and back.

These pimples take many forms and you will probably be familiar with most of them. They include: 

Blackheads - you will see these on the surface of the skin and they have a brown/black appearance
Whiteheads - These pimples stay under the skin and may look like small bumps
Papules - Pink bumps
Pustules - These have a red color and are usually filled with pus on the top of them
Nodules - These are sore and quite large and deep-rooted in the skin
Cysts - These are the worst of all as they are very sore and they can leave scars.
Typically acne is linked to hormonal stimulation so is particularly present in teenagers and young adults. Pregnant women and those going through the change of life are also prone to acne. For some it is a heredity issue and others can get them if they use greasy makeup. Many myths surround what may give you acne, like eating greasy food or chocolate but there is no evidence to support such claims.

Basic Care for Acne Sufferers

For anyone who has trouble with acne there are a few simple things they can do for their skin that will really help. You should never scrub your skin in any way as that will only make things worse. Use a mild cleanser in the morning and evenings. After that try to avoid any unnecessary touching of your skin. If you start to squeeze pimples of any kind you are making a huge mistake. That practice is almost guaranteed to cause scarring.

Painful though it may be, try to avoid the sun. The rays from the sun are harmful to any unprotected skin and when you have acne this is even more serious.

For the ladies, avoid greasy types of make-up and those with any type of oil in them. Read the ingredients and choose based on that. Oil free cosmetics won't guarantee that you don't get acne but they will certainly go a long way to preventing it from happening. If you are prone to oily hair then use a shampoo specifically designed to treat that. Remember, every little helps.

For the men shaving is probably the single most difficult thing if you suffer from acne. It isn't always possible to do this but you should try to shave as little as you can. Electric razors are probably the best as with a wet shave the blade tends to take the tops of pimples, which causes them to spread, bleed and become sore. The pimples also don't get a chance to heal which is the complete opposite of what you want.

Best Acne Skin Products

There are many skin care products in the market place but it is important to look at those which have the best chance of dealing with an acne problem. The best way is to unclog the pores and cleansers are good for this. Anti-bacterial cleansers are even better as they can help not only unclog the pores, but heal any bacterium that resides within the pores. Antioxidants are good for the skin. Vitamins A and E are also excellent for the skin. Glycolic acid works well as this can help reduce the amount of sebum that is produced.

If you are going to buy products you should look for these ingredients. Like any disease you should consult with your doctor and also read the instructions of any medicines that you buy.

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