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Why Antioxidants Can Help You Stay Younger and Healthier

Aging and antioxidants

Science has discovered the reason for the aging process. It is quite complex but there are two major contributing factors.

Firstly, the moment you are born your immune system produces oxidised cells. Oxidised cells are the "first response" to any bacteria, pathogens and free radicals in the body. I won't go into what each of these are, but suffice it to say, they are "foreign bodies" in our physiology (we also get them in our foods and in the air).

The oxidised cells play a big part of keeping us healthy. However, oxidation is the reason why we keep our foods in tins, bottles and plastic. You see, when food is exposed to air, the oxygen in the air, begins to oxidise the foods and they begin to rot. Oxidation is also the reason metal rusts. Any form of cell deterioration is a result of oxidation.

In the past, we used to eat foods that contained natural antioxidants (mainly berries) and these antioxidants prevented the oxidised cells from doing damage to the body. Oxidised cells are like renegade firemen. Once they put out a fire, they look for the next fire, and if there isn't one, they start one to carry out their "firemen duties". Since we are not getting sufficient antioxidants in our diets, we have to supplement with antioxidants. In other words, if you don't get sufficient antioxidants in the body, the body begins to oxidise (rot) and the cells in your body deteriorate.

The second process that is a major contributor to aging (cell deterioration) is the cell renewal process (apoptosis). Every cell has DNA. DNA is a molecule that carries the "blueprint" of our physiology, that makes all the cells in our bodies work harmoniously, so that our cells don't turn on each other (like a heart transplant or liver transplant patient). DNA creates the "match" or "mating" of other cells. I won't go into what and how important DNA is, but basically, when our cells renew, they should renew with the exact chromosomal structure as before. Chromosomes are like the "computer language" that determines our physiology.

Cells have a communication system that communicates to other cells. That is how the body responds to foreign bodies. This communication takes place through glycoforms. They are like little "masts" (similar to the cellular telephone towers scattered around). They receive and transmit cell signals to each other through electro-magnetc cell signalling. As long as the glycoforms remain healthy and intact, the body's communication system stays healthy. However, if the glycoforms deteriorate, this can contribute to wrong messages to the body for cell renewal. The body then reproduces cells that that are not the same, contributing further to cell degeneration. The glycoforms are made up of 8 sacchirides (sugars). Only 2 are commonly fond in the diets of many individuals (glucose and fructose and often in unhealthy large quantities), particularly if they don't follow a healthy nutritional regimen.

If the process of oxidation continues and is not stemmed by antioxidants, cells in the body degenerate. (Our cells renew approximately every 7 years). Now the problem is, if they are degenerating, the body produces exactly the same cell. In other words, the body begins to reproduce degenerative cells. Over time, the cells in our body, begin to deteriorate, and this produces the aging process.

It is quite simple, and the understanding of this is what made me formulate Glyco-Boost. Glyco-Boost contains some of the most powerful antioxidants you will find. Why do I have more than one? The reason is because different antioxidants stimulate different responses in our systems. Some are water soluble, and act in our blood plasma, and others stimulate lipids and protect the membrane surrounding each cell. The bottom line is to fight and neautralize pesky free radicals (oxidised cells), you need both types of antioxidants from as many sources as possible. When taken together, the efficacy of water- and lipid soluble antioxidants is enhanced even more.

Furthermore, Glyco-Boost contains the 6 saccharides that one doesn't commonly get from your diet. These fortify the glycoforms surrounding the cell membrane and assist in healthy cell-to-cell communication.

Glyco-Boost doesn't make you younger, necessarily, but it assists in these 2 vital area's, viz. oxidation and cell renewal.

I have not been sick for 7 years now. I have not seen a doctor or dentist for 7 years. Why? Because I look after the cells in my body. If I get the symptoms of an illness, I double up on my dosage of Glyco-Boost and the symptoms are gone within 24 hours.

Glyco-Boost doesn't contain everything that the body needs for stemming degeneration, so I personally include, a regular dosage of whey protein, asparagus, turmeric (that contains curcumin), vitamin C and vitamin K2.

Whey protein when made with unpasteurised milk, anti oxidises intracellular oxidation, i.e. inside the cell (and this is important because pasteurisation destroys many of the amino acids that do the work). You see, the cell membrane can be attacked by free radicals externally, but when cells are attacked inside the cell, like cancer cells, there is only one thing (as far as we know) that can act as an antioxidant, and that is gluthothione. Gluthothione is synthesised (converted for use) from 4 amino acids, that are readily available from many foods in our diet but more readily available in whey protein.

Asparagus and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties, but particularly, for inside cells and are known in many clinical trials to reduce or remove tumours. Science doesn't fully understand this yet, but the fact of the matter is any kind of tumour, can be treated with these 2. However, the active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, that is found in small quantities in turmeric. So it is better, if you don't get a regular dosage of turmeric (the powder used in rice to give it the yellow colour) to buy a curcumin supplement. (I use turmeric often. It does not have a strong flavour and can be added to just about any meat dish).

You can use canned asparagus. It is very cheap. You should use a blender to shred it and take a tablespoonful every day.

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-histamine (and antioxidant, but not as strong as the antioxidants in Glyco-Boost). The body produces histamine in response to the body's changes in temperature. It is part of the body's immune responses. It manifests in the nose and throat as mucous. However, when exposed to air, mucous oxidises and becomes inflamed (the oxidisation process). This causes the common cold, sore throat, blocked nose etc.(wouldn't you have liked to have known this a long time ago. The reason it has not been widely publicised is the BIG PHARMA companies would loose a lot of business if people knew). I don't take vitamin C daily. However, when I have a runny nose, blocked sinuses or sore throat, I double up the Glyco-Boost dosage (2 capsules morning and evening) and vitamin C (2000 Mg morning and 3000 Mg evening) and within 24 hours, symptoms are gone.

Vitamin K2 and only vitamin K2 (the other vitamin K1 is not as effective). Most people have never heard of vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 contains astaxanthin (I Like the thin part). Vitamin K2 is what can be called the super-antioxidant and is the most powerful anti-aging product you will find.

It stops the skin from wrinkling, sagging, and keeps it healthy (as does Glyco-Boost).

There is something you should know about energy levels as well. The body uses about 60% of the energy it receives doing 2 things, viz. digesting the food you eat and fighting oxidation.

This sets many people up into a vicious circle. They eat a lot of unhealthy food, that uses up 60% of their energy just to digest and fight the oxidisation that those foods create (like drinking soda drinks filled with oxidating ingredients that create more oxidation, not less).

So once they have eaten, they soon feel hungry because the body is using 60% per cent of what they have eaten just to process what they have eaten, so they need to eat (i.e. hunger manifests). Taking antioxidants frees up as much as about 30% of the energy that you consume, thus reducing the need to consume more food. That is why Glyco-Boost assists in reducing weight. Plus 4 of the ingredients have proven in clinical trials to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, i.e. aloe vera, pine bark extract, fucoidan [brown seaweed] and gum ghatti. Also, arabinogalactin and fucoidan encourage the development of micro flora in the gut that organically "digests" food. So my system is "freeing up" a lot of energy when you take Glyco-Boost.

Even eating too much fruit, without balance can create too much fructose in the body. The body then has to fight (expend energy) because they generate free radicals (oxidised cells). People don't know this but protein is more important than carbohydrates, so all the vegans out there, unless they are getting sufficient protein substitutes, are escalating their demise. If you eat fruit, eat bananas. They help balance the sodium [our diets are sodium loaded], potassium levels, but eat real banana's not the pre-packed genetically modified ones) Eat as many berries as you can find (particularly blueberries and strawberries [again avoid the GMO ones]. The darker the better. The colour is produced by olygomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) that are the active antioxidants required by the body. Many GMO foods have lost their dark colouring and they are for sure ineffective as antioxidants.

The start of any anti-aging (and staying healthy) begins with those 2 principle, viz. antioxidation and reliable cell renewal (apoptosis). If you fully understand this you can be healthy, reduce the effects of aging, and live an energetic life. Some avoid the toxins and fun foods they should be enjoying in order to stay healthy without understanding the processes that cause aging and a reduction in energy.

For instance, one of the most necessary foods, and least understood facts is, that red wine is very healthy. Science calls this the "French Phenomena". The French have the lowest heart attack rate in the world. Red wine is filled with OPC's, the active ingredient in pine bark extract, (one of the ingredients of Glyco-Boost). Often humans avoid that which is most healthy for them.

Chocolate is also packed with OPC as long as it is not over-processed. The darker the better.

Glyco-Boost also includes glucosamine for fortifying cartilage and ligament and is recommended (together with Omega 3 - krill oil or cod liver oil) to fortify joints and avoid arthritis.

The 17 ingredients in Glyco-Boost work harmoniously to ensure our immune systems stays healthy and can deal with the large quantities of free radicals in our system. It does this in many ways, and one of the most important is by keeping the body's cells healthy. Healthy cells result in healthy tissue, and healthy tissue results in healthy organs.

The individual ingredients of Glyco-Boost have undergone literally hundreds of clinical trials, and their voracity and health benefits are conclusive. One ingredient alone, Pine Bark Extract, has undergone over 256 clinical trials.

Glyco-Boost can help prevent and support recovery from a large number of ailments. Oxidative stress is responsible for about 80% of degenerative and auto-immune diseases. By keeping cells healthy, the immune system is able to more effectively ward of and reduce the effects of bacteria and germs.

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